I won another one of my customs... (too easy)

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I won another one of my customs... (too easy)
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  • #AD

    ψ nox on covaxψ nox on covaxԱմիս առաջ
  • 7:09

    freshdagodxxfreshdagodxx2 ամիս առաջ
  • Ps4 gang

    LIL PLUMPLIL PLUMP4 ամիս առաջ
    • Ayyyyyy

      Mega Beasto4Mega Beasto4Ամիս առաջ
  • Cheater u know it

    Jordan SmithJordan Smith4 ամիս առաջ
  • H

    Stine mari SagmoStine mari Sagmo4 ամիս առաջ
  • Wait until pasta-Jack- and xdays see this

    Vintage FNVintage FN4 ամիս առաջ
    • Ok I’ll wait

      Mega Beasto4Mega Beasto4Ամիս առաջ
  • Ps4 gang ayy and he was so excited and then just disappointed

    Lizet RMarceloLizet RMarcelo4 ամիս առաջ
  • You did not land yacht either

    GhanaGhana5 ամիս առաջ
  • Nick’s says too easy to win a custom won 3 games in a custom but stilll love you nicks lowkew everyone says nicks is the worst in lg he beat ninja hu

    Mike HartMike Hart5 ամիս առաջ
  • can i get a link to the discord??????

    PistolatedPistolated5 ամիս առաջ
  • When your brother was the cheater:👁💧👄💧👁 prodigy

    Alberto MalakaraAlberto Malakara5 ամիս առաջ
  • Nice click bait

    Lisa FikeLisa Fike5 ամիս առաջ
  • u should do a challenge where you can get loot from fishing only

    Z I O N ¡Z I O N ¡5 ամիս առաջ

    ZyxrZyxr5 ամիս առաջ
  • I gots 100 player’s to land ant oil tig

    Adela AcevedoAdela Acevedo5 ամիս առաջ
  • Nick getting annoyed about not getting 4m pewdiepie getting annoyed about not gett 110m lol

    squids friendsquids friend5 ամիս առաջ
  • How do u enter the codes?

    Hi ItBenHi ItBen5 ամիս առաջ
  • When he spitting bars😏😏

    Festo IrakozeFesto Irakoze5 ամիս առաջ
  • #xbox gang

    Colleen CramColleen Cram5 ամիս առաջ
  • Mk

    R1lEy T1nKeRR1lEy T1nKeR5 ամիս առաջ
  • How do you join your customs

    Tina MTina M5 ամիս առաջ
  • 6 feet apart😂😂😂😂

    Ezraella TilahunEzraella Tilahun5 ամիս առաջ
  • BTW ur never gunna beet fresh lol

    St4rArchSt4rArch5 ամիս առաջ
  • I got a hundred players to land catty corner

    ParasiteParasite5 ամիս առաջ
  • I I do not know how too sub on Xbox sorry I watch yaaaa every day BUT WHEN MY MOM AND DAD TAKE IT A WAY but use code nicks YALLL peeps our daaaaare bruhhhh know I’m going to do a rapping song of nickses code you code nicks u can’t make the ricks nicks I love you PLEASEEEEE USE CODE NICKS everybody :))))

    300 subs with no videos ChaLange300 subs with no videos ChaLange5 ամիս առաջ
  • Nicks: I AM ON 7 HP, SEVEN!!! Me: you are on ten Hp

    centi meter 300 feetcenti meter 300 feet5 ամիս առաջ
  • nick is a dad 🥵

    ariel hawkinsariel hawkins5 ամիս առաջ
  • I'm on Xbox, I haven't been able to hear my PS4 friends, I think it's just a platform issue :/

    god himselfgod himself5 ամիս առաջ
  • Best youtuber

    Ashton HugoAshton Hugo5 ամիս առաջ
  • Dingdongjr the guy who came 3rd in the last one is my friend

    SmilesFNSmilesFN5 ամիս առաջ
  • Who’s watching this in the new season Rip pump

    GEO The beoGEO The beo5 ամիս առաջ
  • The footsteps were on beat with the cricket noice lol

    Lilly ElpersLilly Elpers5 ամիս առաջ
  • Wait the maps back?

    Blake WolfBlake Wolf5 ամիս առաջ
  • Nobody, Nobody at all. Us: Hey Guys, Nicks here - Ok So Ima land early.

    Varun NukalaVarun Nukala5 ամիս առաջ
  • 0:23 lol

    Caleb SaldanaCaleb Saldana5 ամիս առաջ
  • he said ps4 gang and he had his mic on

    Chris MccoyChris Mccoy5 ամիս առաջ
  • I have cyclo to i am 12

    Zachary GrayZachary Gray5 ամիս առաջ
  • Nicks Xbox have to go to settings and turn voice chat off then on and then it will work for them say that in your next video maybe my epic is joshieboy85608

    Peter HollingsworthPeter Hollingsworth5 ամիս առաջ
  • Rip pump:(

    C R A Z Y ツC R A Z Y ツ5 ամիս առաջ
  • do you give pepole money if theye win nicks

    Benjamin HolmesBenjamin Holmes5 ամիս առաջ
  • Yoooooo @Nick's I bought all the tiers and battle pass using your code. Show me some love dawg

    XoMbie_ KillaXoMbie_ Killa5 ամիս առաջ
  • Speed plus momentum =YEET

    Corey BolesCorey Boles5 ամիս առաջ
  • This was fun and exiting at first but now it’s annoyingly 😒

    Caleb MossCaleb Moss5 ամիս առաջ
  • Are you allowed to be in the water?

    Rasmus 06Rasmus 065 ամիս առաջ
  • Nicks I’m 7 HP mans added his actual health

    sph1nxsph1nx5 ամիս առաջ
  • If only kiwiz also won

  • There are 666,663 views

    Billy GeddesBilly Geddes5 ամիս առաջ
  • That's why you get a ps4😒

    strip4 Ethwinstrip4 Ethwin5 ամիս առաջ
  • Nicks you cant talk to xbox players cuz in the last slot of settings it says allow cross platform play u have to click yes

    HAHAHA.ØłïvïãHAHAHA.Øłïvïã5 ամիս առաջ
  • lets go xbox gang

    SeahawksZoneSeahawksZone5 ամիս առաջ
  • U said you were 7 hp but u were 16???

    Gabby RapettiGabby Rapetti5 ամիս առաջ
  • For all the console player if you need to talk to a pc player all you need to do is start a party chat and go to your friends list and click X for Xbox or SQUARE if your on ps4

    Jeshua ArguetaJeshua Argueta5 ամիս առաջ
  • If you play Xbox and can’t hear people in game chat turn your game chat off then on and then go to your friends list on fortnite and go to the left and it should say switch to fortnite game chat but make sure your in an xbox party and not already in game chat

    Basketball for lifeBasketball for life5 ամիս առաջ
  • 3:02 Nicks - "I'm 7 hp bro!!" Also Nicks - *has 16 hp*

    SimpSimp5 ամիս առաջ
  • And Xbox is better

    Jaaron UnderwoodJaaron Underwood5 ամիս առաջ
  • What servers

    4fortnite4fortnite5 ամիս առաջ
  • Next video you should do a griefer only tournament TRUST ME YOU'LL GET LOADS OF VIEWS!

    Vanessa ReeseVanessa Reese5 ամիս առաջ
  • everyone sub to him

    PanduzKillzPanduzKillz5 ամիս առաջ
  • "I got 100 players to land were ever they want BUT they have to stay there the whole game and try to win....(Crazy)"

    NoahNoah5 ամիս առաջ
  • Ya'll boy took it hoooooooooooome

    Stephanie RamosStephanie Ramos5 ամիս առաջ
  • Anyone else thank that Hugo skin is nick in fortnite? 🤷🏽

    CspizzilzCspizzilz5 ամիս առաջ
  • When u title it (to easy) just stop posting customs

    Jay WrldJay Wrld5 ամիս առաջ
  • Follow for follow anyone?

    SweepzzySweepzzy5 ամիս առաջ
  • Ayye could really hear he was a swede

    HugoHugo5 ամիս առաջ
  • if you really wanna talk to xbox players you can press windows key and g same time and open game bar if console campion is setup and from there you can clip talk in a xbox party etc just like discord

    SoahlzSoahlz5 ամիս առաջ
  • I'm on Xbox kbm

  • 👋 🥍🥅⛳️🥏🤾🏼🤼🤼‍♂️🤼‍♂️🤾🏼‍♀️🏆🎟🎧🎧🎭🎮📅🔫🔫😒🍪💰🍩🍕

  • Nicks: "I'm seven HP gets hit by boat Actrully 10 HP WITH GUNNSSS!!!! HE COULD of beasted everyone

    Ghoulzz XBLGhoulzz XBL5 ամիս առաջ
  • I love his outro

    spwyspwy5 ամիս առաջ
  • The true work out for a gamer is ruing to the bathroom and back before u die

    BottisicBottisic5 ամիս առաջ
  • I got 100 players to land at crack shots house! JUST IMAGINE THAT 😱😱

    Elite PlxsmaElite Plxsma5 ամիս առաջ
  • NICKS NEEDS TO LEARN!if there is over 100 players readied up, everyone who readied up after the 100 mark CANNOT get into a game. this means there is only one game not 10 with 1000 people

    l Varsityy ll Varsityy l5 ամիս առաջ
  • What about the other 2 people?

    Akatsuki NemoAkatsuki Nemo5 ամիս առաջ
  • Do one on light house island only

    Akatsuki NemoAkatsuki Nemo5 ամիս առաջ
  • Let’s goooooooooooooooo

    Preston SportsPreston Sports5 ամիս առաջ
  • I want to be in one of your custom but I don't have ig or tiwter

    soar trezsoar trez5 ամիս առաջ
  • Why eat when your not hungry-NICKS 2020

    Heath MatthewsHeath Matthews5 ամիս առաջ
  • #ps4 gang

    Blake PattisonBlake Pattison5 ամիս առաջ
  • Yo everyone make more accounts on yt

    Ramike2009 MRRamike2009 MR5 ամիս առաջ
  • your so ungrateful

    Dominic RuizDominic Ruiz5 ամիս առաջ
  • It’s (to easy ) not ( too easy) I think lollll

    urmomurmom5 ամիս առաջ
  • all 100 players land the huge weeping wood towers

    Wayne WarnockWayne Warnock5 ամիս առաջ
  • All the 8 yearolds saying i was here first. Nick, for xbox/ps4 players, you need to have them added to talk to them, i dont know why, but you do.

    Kaeden WolfKaeden Wolf5 ամիս առաջ
  • You suck

    Angel OrtegaAngel Ortega5 ամիս առաջ
  • get nose plasic sugry

    Noah da bossNoah da boss5 ամիս առաջ
  • Xbox is cool

    Ethan FarleyEthan Farley5 ամիս առաջ
  • the intro i couldn’t stop laughing 😂😂😭😭

    stxrm sydnestxrm sydne5 ամիս առաջ
  • Nicks you should do a kids only custom

    Brodie McafeeBrodie Mcafee5 ամիս առաջ
  • Yo great vid

    Kaden GariepyKaden Gariepy5 ամիս առաջ
  • 12:33 the kid snitching and complaining (bottom left)

    MILO_2MILO_25 ամիս առաջ
  • “Don’t lie who’s been a fan of Nicks before 2020?🙋‍♀️” (ɪ'ᴍ ɢɪғᴛɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ sᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ)😘

    LG NikunjLG Nikunj5 ամիս առաջ
    • Bot

      Christopher ArandaChristopher Aranda4 ամիս առաջ
  • little did he know this would be his last 100 players landing vid cuz now the storms water and u cant shoot anyone

    zoyazoya5 ամիս առաջ
  • Xbox is better I'm unsubscribing

    GoryGory5 ամիս առաջ
  • No one can play in them it’s the same fucking people

    Zachary maybeZachary maybe5 ամիս առաջ
  • U want all the money

    SpliSpli5 ամիս առաջ
  • Help my boi nicks by using code nicks in the item shop I told all my friend and cousins so use his code or else

    X2Mohd YTX2Mohd YT5 ամիս առաջ
  • guess what XD i make different accounts and grief nicks customs like if u think this is funny i am the guy that normally griefs with heli btw nicks is bad loll

    ig.kevin__ on instaig.kevin__ on insta5 ամիս առաջ
  • guess what XD i make different accounts and grief nicks customs like if u think this is funny i am the guy that normally griefs with heli btw nicks is bad loll

    ig.kevin__ on instaig.kevin__ on insta5 ամիս առաջ
  • yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

    Carlos GomezCarlos Gomez5 ամիս առաջ
  • We need momentum

    Celso AbreuCelso Abreu5 ամիս առաջ